COVID-19 Personalized Face Mask

Mask 101 – How To Sew A Mask And Ear Savers At Home


In this class, you will learn how to make a personalized mask that fits you and any of your family members. Have you ever put on your mask and a few minutes later realized that the elastic behind your ear makes it hurt? Well, this class covers how to make ear savers as well.

NO, you don’t need any prior sewing experience for this class :). This is a class that anyone regardless of experience level can attend.

90 minutes

Class Type: Virtual LIVE interaction with the instructor


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We will be teaching how to make four different types of masks along with ear saver.

Design 1, 2, and 3

  • All of them need the same amount of elastic and fabric
  • 2 rectangular pieces of cotton fabric – 9’’ x 7’’
  • Elastic: If your making the ear savers – 22’’, If your making the normal way – 14’’

Design 4

  • ¼ yard of cotton fabric
  • Elastic: If your making the ear savers – 20’’, If your making the normal way – 12’’


Important:  After you register you will be sent a design file, so please make sure to include your primary email address at checkout.


You’ll need the following materials for this class

  • Cotton fabric
  • Measuring tape
  • Scissor
  • Needle
  • Thread
  • Sewing Machine (Optional)
  • Elastic
  • Buttons